Women’s Ministry

Sisters in Christ, learning and growing together.

Women's Summer Bible Study!

Join us as we study the book of Romans!

Tuesdays, beginning June 30th

4-5 pm

Chapel Hill Church


June 30: Romans Chapter 1 (led by Elsa)

July 7: Romans Chapters 2-3 (Elsa)

July 14: Romans Chapters 4-5 (Linda)

July 21: Romans Chapter 6 (Linda)

July 28: Romans Chapter 7 (Jane)

August 4: Romans Chapters 8-9 (Jane)

August 11: Romans Chapters 10-11 (Elsa)

August 18: Romans Chapter 12 (Elsa)

August 25: Romans Chapter 13 (Linda)

Sept. 1: Romans Chapter 14 (Linda)

Sept. 8: Romans Chapter 15 (Jane)

Sept 15: Romans Chapter 16 (Jane)

What is Women's Ministry?

At Chapel Hill Church, we care about your needs. The whole body. Some consider us to be among God’s most complicated creatures. LOL
Women are so different from men. Can I get an AMEN!

Women’s Ministry by Linda Beyer

What is “Women’s Ministry” and what do YOU think it should look like?

My vision for not only the women of this church but also for the women in the surrounding community, is basically, “Women Showing Christ’s Love Together.”

Notice it’s just women. All women. No difference in race, backgrounds, education or age. The only qualifier is “women”. As I have said in regard to Ladies Night Out ~ Women Need Women. It’s a scientific fact. We need each other’s encouragement, love and friendship.

OUR Women’s Ministry, yes, it’s not my Women’s Ministry, it’s OURS. We need to be in this together. We need to form a tight bond that can be strong enough to fight off haters but pliable enough to graft in new branches, new people. I would like this to be a fun group but also spiritual and educational.

We are going to do something different every month. Let’s face it ladies, it’s easy to become stagnant. I don’t want that for you or me. Let’s continue to grow and mature in Christ!

While each lady who has volunteered to take a month has a lot of free reign over what that month looks like, they do have two essential requirements. Each month needs to have a theme and must have a scripture verse to tie that theme to God. They are to have some kind of Bible lesson. It doesn’t have to be long or deep. They have the choice of the date and time we meet for their month. They can have us meet at the church or somewhere else. It can be in their home, at a restaurant or in the park. The choice is totally up to them!

Like I said, I don’t want us to become stagnant!

The only problem with this is that I don’t have the date, time or the event for each month. Some of the ladies have already got their month nailed down (I’ll share those with you in a bit) and some ladies are still working on what they are going to do. I will be updating this site regularly so that you have the information as soon as I do.

So keep checking back!

There is something else that we still need to do for our Women’s Ministry. We still need to form a committee to help us stay on track and because no one person should be in charge of everything. I am proposing that we grow a group. I need help getting the ground ready, picking out the seeds WE want to plant, planting the seeds, watering, nourishing, growing, blooming, producing, harvesting, enjoying ~ together!
The committee is to help us to remember:
• We believe all women are important in God’s eyes and are vital to His kingdom. We believe in unity within diversity and cooperation and caring through the inspiration and power of the Holy Spirit.
The committee to help us glorify God by challenging women as well as ourselves:
● To know God personally
● To grow in Christlikeness
● To discover and use spiritual gifts
● To love and serve others
● In all we do reflect the beauty of the Lord Jesus Christ
The group will need to be at least 3 (or more) people. A chairman, secretary and treasurer. Please consider helping with this. I can’t do this alone.

Our Events

No matter your age or stage in life, we have something for you!

Women's Ministry Meetings


We meet monthly to share in fellowship and grow in the Word of Christ.

Our next meeting will be February 9th at 2:00 pm.  We will meet at Chapel Hill church for a Movie Date!  Our hosts for February will be Nancy Strassburg and her daughter Sandy Fry.  They will be bringing some popcorn and dessert while we enjoy the movie.  At this time I don’t know what the movie is but I’m sure it will be a good one!

Join us for a wonderful time of fellowship!

Monthly Events

Always something to look forward to at our Monthly Events! Come learn something new and deepen your relationship with God.

Ladies' Night Out

Join us as we visit a different restaurant in Brighton each month for fellowship and fun!